O’Ryan Industries currently uses injection molds all of the appropriate parts used in its mainline Pool & Spa products. We have expanded those injection molding capabilities with the addition of new computer controlled state of the art machines for custom molding. For our own products, we work almost exclusively in virgin polycarbonate, but have the capability to mold most injection-ready plastics.

We know it is difficult to find all the skills and technologies required to bring a design from inception to production. It is particularly difficult when so much of that process is subject to rapid technical change, and the supplier base becomes increasingly fragmented and specialized.Our own experience is at your service. O’Ryan can serve¬† as a production injection molding resource, and also as an experienced integrator of the broad span of required technologies. We have command of process, as well as the critical insight that will yield fast economical results for your current production requirements, product improvement programs, or new product projects.¬† We have the capabilities of taking you from concept to finished product.