The Evolutionary Breakthrough in Underwater Lighting

Introducing the PoolStar 3000 Series – the most highly evolved pool lights under the stars. The 3000 Series is a complete self-contained lighting fixture that combines unmatched performance, efficiency and flexibility. In OEM and retrofit applications, it delivers brilliant, synchronizable color combined with the safety and longevity of a 12 volt system. The 3000 Series is the simple and economical change for which you have been searching.

PoolStar 3000 Series:

SP 1000
SP 1000VL
SP 2500
SP 2500VL
SP 3000

  • 12 volt (7.5 watts) low voltage lighting system
  • StarBurst LED light
  • 100,000 hours bulb life
  • Synchronizable without additional wiring or control devices
  • 9 color modes: Vibrant colors; gentle chameleon colors, and a pulsating party mode
  • Durable, rust-free plastic 2.5” niche can
  • Power supply with 70’ of cord, standard
  • Models for above-ground, vinyl liner, and below-ground pools