Fish Invador

We would like to start by saying that this is not just another fish story. The tale you are about to read is the history of the Fish Invader. So with no further delay…


A unique new showerhead that lights up your shower… fun and relaxation for the whole family. And it’s safe! ShowerStar™ generates light through water power so there’s no batteries or outside electrical source. Water enters the showerhead through the flow restrictor (1) then travels through the injector plate (2) which directs the water to the […]

ShowerStar II

LED shower heads light up your bath time…safely! Thermally sensitive colors provide safety in the shower. Choose from hand-held/wall mounted, or swivel arm mounted styles. This LED lighted color changes with the water temperature so you know by sight what to expect. Red is HOT (>113˚F) Green is WARM (91˚-106˚F) Blue is COLD (<90˚F). Powered […]


With the help of O’Ryan, you can transform your pool and spa into a luxurious retreat. Enhance the atmosphere of your next poolside event with a dazzling and pulsating light mode. The StarBurst™ Series of LEDs produce a dramatics setting with vibrant underwater color and lighting effects. Bath your pool or spa in captivating colors. […]


•Simple installation •Safe, bright, low voltage light •Plugs into any standard outlet •Durable, polycarbonate construction The SwimStar light tube is manufactured of high impact polycarbonate. The Light Tube is completely sealed for absolute safety. The bulbs have a rated life of 1,000 plus hours. They are easily replaced and available from us, the manufacturer.